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Recover your tables to look new at a fraction of the price!



                 Recovering service
Recovering for a fraction of the price Choate Tables.  Recover service is offered to doctors either close to Our shop in Hayward ca. or can get the table or its pads to us.

- new covers
- new material and foam if needed
- wood refinished if wood is exposed.
- the seams are sewed not folded!

Recovering and customizing
          Before                         After

We modified the pad and split it to make a face piece out of it.


Before the recovering

After the recovering

Before the recover

notice the stitches in the nose hole and the length of the nose hole. We lengthened the nosehole to 16"

After the recover

notice we recover without the stitches in the nose hole and we used cloth and vinyl mixed


After with a more comfortable face area without the seam and more padding
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