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If you don't see what you need, ask if we can make it! Here at CHOATE TABLES we aim to please in designing your special table needs.


Gonstead tables and Gonstead sets which include a Gonstead pelvic bench, Gonstead cervical chair, Gonstead knee chest table, are all hand made to order. Gonstead sets are made with your choice of color, height, and options.  All of our Gonstead equipment are manufactured by us at Choate Tables.





 Gonstead sets are made with your choice of color, height, and options. Ourtables and Gonstead sets are all hand made to order. The complete set includes:

- Gonstead Pelvic bench   
-Gonstead Cervical chair
-Gonstead Knee Chest Table

Gonstead  Set

This is one of the 20 Gonstead sets we made for LCCW. $2400.00+s/h


 Knee-chest Table
Our Knee chest tables are made from solid lacquer finished oak. The feet are contoured oak. The kneeling pad is firm but comfortable. We put color matching vinyl in the face area. If requested a strap is included.  $1200.00+s/h

 Gonstead bench                   Our benches are made to the doctor's specs. from height to color. on our benches we put vinyl in the face and foot area. The vinyl is a marine vinyl that has a leather look and durability to it. The first picture is a custom table we made with a zebra print. $750.00 +s/h

 Cervical Chair
The back is contoured for comfort and is made with handles and straps if requested. $550.00 +s/h

Gonstead Set

The set includes  Pelvic bench, a Cervical chair, and a Knee Chest table. Side posture pillow, Straps and chair handles are included if requested.

$2400.00 plus s/h

Slot table

Our slot table has a 2ft x 2ft bottom area with a 45" slot. The face area is padded and vinyl 16 inches from where the slot begins. $900.00 +s/h

This is our pediatric pelvic bench. this table is only 48"long &18"wide


Gonstead portable Knee chest table

This table folds nicely to fit in a suitcase for easy transporting so you can take with you to adjust your patients.


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