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Drop Tables


Drop Tables

 Drop tables are made to order. We designed our drop tables back in 1992. These drop  tables were made for Dr. Michael Gazdar, in walnut Creek Ca. The drop tables we made for him are still in use and going strong after thousands of drop table adjustments.

-  Drop tables 
- drop comb table
- Quiet drop tables, not a loud bang
- bottlenose drop table

Free dorsal block and finger saver with each order.  Made to save fingers for years of adjusting


Double Drop bottlenose combo
 A cervical chair is attached to this bottlenose double drop. $1775.00

Tripple Drop Bottlenose Tilt

This table has both the the pelvic and thoracic drop as well as the cervical drop, with multi level tilting angles.Arm rest are included on this table.


Pelvic drop table with cervical chair attached. You pick the side of the chair.


Head tilt Drop w/ cervical chair

You pick the color and the ht. and the side of the cervical chair.


Double Drop Head Tilt table

The nose slot on this table is16" long for a more versatile table.


Single Drop Head tilt Table

With the crisp drop you'll be sure to be able to adjust and not scare your patients with a loud bang from the drop.  $1250.00

Botle Nose Drop Table

With the Bottle Nose Drop you'll be sure to be able to adjust and not scare your patients with a loud bang from the drop.  $1250.00

Bottle Nose Combo Drop Table

With the Bottle Nose Combo drop you'll be sure to be able to adjust for maximun comfort  $1500.00

Dorsal block

The Dorsal block is a device that allows for a deeper set when performing the anterior thoracic move. This device also will save your hands in the long run.


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