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If you don't see what you need, ask if we can make it!


 Head tilt "Pedibond" tables are great for a lot of reasons. When doing supine cervical the Dr. doesn't have to bend over so they save their back. Also the patient doesn't slide and won't need a side posture pillow.

- 5 angles of tilt
-firm foam but nicely padded face area
- solidly built
- Table of choice of DR. Dan Murphy

Free dorsal block and finger saver with each order.  Made to save fingers for years of adjusting



Head tilt "pedibond" table
The head piece is 28" with a 16" nose slot. the nose slot is padded and covered with color coordinated vinyl. The tilt has 4 angles.



Head tilt combo

Our head tilt combo drop with a cervical chair attached is a great space saver.



Head Tilt Drop table

You chose the color and the height.




Double Drop Head Tilt

This table has both a pelvic and thoracic drop. Along with the head tilt, this make for easier adjusting on the doctors body.




Head Tilt drop

This table has both a pelvic drop along with the head tilt, this make for easier adjusting on the doctors body.



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