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Bottlenose Tables are made to order  here In the USA


Bottle Nose Table

 Bottlenose tables or contoured tables can be equipped with drops, both lumbar and thoracic, with a bottlenose head tilt. Face paper roll and arm rest available also with the contoured tables. the bottlenose are contoured for armrest comfort.

- Bottlenose table                     
- Bottlenose drop
- bottlenose combo table
contoured tables




Double drop bottle nose table with a cervical chair attached and tilting headpiece $1775.00



Bottlenose tipple drop, thoracic, lumbar and cervical w/head tilt              $1825.00                                                                 

Lumbo-pelvic, thoracic, and cervical drop w/tilting head piece on a bottlenose table

$1850.00 with arm rests.

add $175.00 for a cervical chair back

Bottle nose bench $850.00

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